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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Most Australians would agree that the cost of living is certainly increasing all the time and therefore are continually looking for ways to reduce their electricity costs. In recent years, a more popular means of reducing running costs is by installing Solar Panels. But has Solar Panels offset the cost of their air conditioning running costs? In most cases to their disappointment, the answer is a big fat NO.

Ducted Air Conditioning Reduces Costs

If you are serious about reducing your Ducted Air Conditioning running costs, we will show you how this can be achieved by as much as 45%!


Thats right as much as 45% and this is not a pie in the sky figure because it has been tested and proven by the University of South Australia. Want evidence? Just ask us for a copy of their Summary Report or you can download it from our website at to-know/.


So the truth is out there but youve just got to know where to find the right (unbiased) information and unfortunately (believe it or not), not everyone in the air conditioning industry is honest? Nor are they forthcoming with all of the facts and information to allow you to make the right informed choices!


See more information about our Adelaide air conditioning product range.

Air Conditioning Installation by Morphett Air Adelaide 

Morphett Air Conditioning Adelaide have been providing Air conditioning installation, sales, service, maintenance and repairs to South Australians for over 40 years and are a family owned and operated Multi Award Winning company.


At Morphett Air, our philosophy is simple, we only install the quality of air conditioning that we would and have installed in our own homes.


Quality Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide and Regions

Our reputation is everything and thats why we only want to offer products of the highest quality, such as Daikin, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric and Ductair, so you will proudly refer us on to your friends and family!


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