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General Information


Video 1: Clean Your Filter! [Regularly] Ducted & Wall Split System Air Conditionining







Tutorial 2 – How to Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioining Return Air Filter





Video 3: How to Change Your Wall Split System Handset Remote Batteries [Daikin Wall Split]






Video 4: How to Reset Your Air Conditioner



Daikin Zone Controller


Tutorial 1 – How to Program Zone Names on Daikin Zone Controller

(BRC24Z4,BRC24Z8,BRC240Z4 & BRC240Z8)





Tutorial 2 – How to Activate the Remote Sensor on Daikin Zone Controller

(BRC24Z4, BRC24Z8, BRC240Z4, BRC240Z8)




Tutorial 3 – How to Automatically Change Fan from Continuous to Auto

(BRC24Z4, BRC24Z8, BRC240Z4, BRC240Z8)




Tutorial 4 – How to Turn Off the Unused Zone Lights on a Daikin Zone Controller

(BRC24Z4, BRC24Z8, BRC240Z4, BRC240Z8)





Tutorial 5 – How to Clear Filter Light Indicator on Daikin Zone Controller

(BRC24Z4, BRC24Z8, BRC230Z4, BRC230Z8)




Daikin BRC1E61 & BRC1E62 Wall Controller



Tutorial 1 – How to Set the Child Lock





Tutorial 2 – How to Lock Out All Functions (Except On/Off)





Tutorial 3 – How to Change Language





Tutorial 4 – How to Set Temperature Sensor on Wall Controller as Default Sensor




Tutorial 5 – How to connect your Daikin Wall Split to D-Mobile Wi-Fi ("P" & "L" Series)




Tutorial 1 – How to Setup Daikin SKYFi 'Stand Alone'

Wi-Fi Connection

[Note: This step must be done before Tutorial 2]




Tutorial 2 – How to Setup Daikin SKYFi 'Local Wi-Fi Mode' Connection

[Make sure Tutorial 1 is completed before hand]



Daikin SkyZone


Tutorial 1 – Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Connection





Tutorial 2 – Main Menu Functions






Tutorial 3 – How to Set Date & Time





Tutorial 4 – How to Name Zones & Sensors





Tutorial 5 – How to Select Sensors






Tutorial 6 – How to Enter Dealer Contact Information





Tutorial 7 – How to Set Up Quick On/Off Timer





Tutorial 8 – How to Set Up 7 Day Timer Simple & Multi





Tutorial 9 – Home Screen Functions





Tutorial 10 – How to Connect Your Smartphone





Tutorial 11 – Smartphone Operation





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