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Using "Energy Smart" R1.5 thermal rated ducting will dramatically reduce any potential heat gain (in Summer) and heat loss (in Winter).  Morphett Air Conditioning chooses to use Ductair's "Energy Smart" flexible duct with a 1.5 thermal rating, which far exceeds the Australian Building Code for all of South Australia!

ALWAYS ensure that you are familiar with what thermal rating duct you are being offered because this is where you will either save money or waste money in running costs!  Remembering that you will lose up to 10 degrees by the time the air reaches your room with inferior quality ducting.


So please be warned, many other componentry manufacturer's falsely claim that that they have superior duct because they produce a 75mm Polyester duct where "Energy Smart™" duct is 60mm.

Sounds good in theory, however don't just look at the insulation thickness, it is more important to know the actual "thermal rating" of the duct. (F.Y.I .The 75mm Polyester ducting has a thermal rating of R1.0 and the 60mm Rockwool ducting has a thermal rating of R1.5! The insulating properties (or thermal ratings) tell us the full story!


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Download Energy Smart Ducting brochure



So what are the benefits of a Ductair Energy Smart System?


  • Save up to 45% on running costs of your heating and cooling per year
  • Save up to 45% greenhouse gas emissions on your heating and cooling per year
  • Virtually eliminates excess peak power demand, ensuring comfort in extreme conditions
  • Nearly double the capacity of your ducted air conditioning system





Then you MUST READ THIS document from the University of South Australia!!!