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Those of you who are past clients would well know that ever since our business got off the ground way back in 1973, John and Lorraine Rawson (Company Director's) insisted on only using the highest quality of air conditioning units and air conditioning componentry (ducting, zone motors, fittings etc) that money could buy.  Why?  Because to be frank, they could not be bothered (unlike many other companies)with all of the other inferior quality products available in the market quite simply just to win a job.

From day one, Morphett Air has built a solid foundation on quality and integrity with the sound belief that
"the job's got to be done right and done right the first time".

This has meant that throughout the years John and Lorraine were very selective when it came to their preferred air conditioning units and air conditioning componentry used and regardless of brand, the consistency has been quality.

With that said, Morphett Air conditioning insists on using the following products as a rule:
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For Air Conditioning Units

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For Ducted Air Conditioning Componentry